US-Accidents: A Countrywide Traffic Accident Dataset


This is a countrywide motor-vehicle crash dataset, which covers 49 states of the United States. The data is continuously being collected from February 2016. Currently, there are 3 million accident records in this dataset. Each accident record is described by a variety of attributes including location, time, weather, and nearby points-of-interest.

LSTW: Large-Scale Traffic and Weather Events Dataset


This dataset contains country-wide traffic and weather events, which are continuously being collected for the United States from August 2016. Examples of a traffic event are accident, congestion, and construction. Examples of a weather event are rain, snow, and storm. Currently, there are about 37 million instances of traffic and weather events in this dataset.

DACT: Dataset of Annotated Car Trajectories


DACT contains two datasets of annotated car trajectories. Annotation is based on identifying significant driving patterns in a trajectory (e.g., making a turn, a hard-braking event, etc.). These datasets are suitable for validation of trajectory segmentation approaches.