LSTW: Large-Scale Traffic and Weather Events Dataset


This dataset contains country-wide traffic and weather events, which are continuously being collected for the United States from August 2016. Examples of a traffic event are accident, congestion, and construction. Examples of a weather event are rain, snow, and storm. Currently there are more than 25 million instances of traffic and weather events in this dataset.

US-Accidents: A Countrywide Traffic Accident Dataset


This is a countrywide motor-vehicle crash dataset, which covers 49 states of the United States. The data is continuously being collected from February 2016. Currently, there are 2.25 million accident records in this dataset. Each accident record is described by a variety of attributes including location, time, weather, and nearby points-of-interest.

DACT: Dataset of Annotated Car Trajectories


DACT contains two datasets of annotated car trajectories. Annotation is based on identifying significant driving patterns in a trajectory (e.g., making a turn, a hard-braking event, etc.). These datasets are suitable for validation of trajectory segmentation approaches.